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Women's Shelter

Our mission is to set up a place where abused girls and young women can find a safe space after having experienced domestic or sexual violence.
In the women's shelter we provide a save space, basic medical care and mental health support.

The girls can stay there for up to three months which gives them time and space to learn how to deal with their trauma. During their stay we will also offer them individual help to optimally support the girls in their future education and life. Some may choose to go back to their families and some may choose to start a new life somewhere else. It is important to us that young girls are able to complete their education and live as socially and economically independently as they wish to.

Fortunately, we already found a place for the construction of the women's shelter. The site is located in the hills of Pokhara and is not far from infrastructures such as schools and the hospital or public transportation.


It proves to be a challenge to estimate the cost of the whole project. Especially with the current economic crisis in Nepal and the extreme inflation, prices can fluctuate daily.

For us it is important that we look at the project in a sustainable way and focus on a conscious use of resources. This includes fair wages for every worker who supports us in the realization of the project.

There are two different budgets that need to be taken into consideration:

1. The budget to renovate the already existing house on the land and to convert it into a save space. These are one-off costs. Conversed the final cost will be approximately 18'000 USD.










2. The budget to run the Women’s Shelter. This includes the budget of maintaining the house and the individual expenses for each girl. Currently we are planning to host up to five girls at a time. This comes to an approximate cost of 860 USD a month.

Wall color
Doger fee
3'000 per hour
2'000 NRS/ piece
Safety grill and mosquito net
150'000 NRS
Shower head
6'000 NRS
Two toilets
10'000 NRS
Nozzle pipe
4'500 NRS
Septic tank
Water tank (2000 liter)
20'000 NRS
150 NRS/ bag
200'000 NRS
Installation water supply
35'000 NRS
Installation electricity (wires included)
25'000 NRS
60'000 NRS
Brick per piece
20 NRS/ piece
1'100 NRS/ bag
120 NRS/ bag
Costs in Nepali Rupees
Cost per girl

8'400 USD

We already raised:



to realise the vison

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