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Our Work

Nepalese women are still systematically discriminated.

Our projects focus on women who are discriminated against by the community because they are widowed, divorced, disabled or from a lower cast.

Our mission is to help girls and women achieve a self-sufficient life by offering them education, possibilities for skill-development and teaching them awareness around sexual abuse, menstrual hygiene and mental health.

Click on the pictures to learn more about the projects and their progress.

Sahayatra Health Awareness Programme

In this programme we organise workshops about several different taboo topics, such as sexual abuse, the trafficking of girls, mental health and menstrual hygiene. In addition, we distribute resusable sanitary napkins and organize different workshops.

During the pandemic we provided food for women and their families from lower casts, since they were affected the most by the economical consequences.


Women's Shelter

Sexual abuse often happens at homes. The women's shelter is a sanctuary where girls and women are offered a safe place, access to health care and education.

In addition, the establishment of the women’s shelter makes sexual abuse visible in society and shows that it is a violation of human rights.

This is very important as visibility and awareness are essential for sustainable prevention.

Women's Skill Delevopment Programme

The aim of the training is to educate socially and economically challenged women. During the 10 days of training, women learn a wide range of skills, such as cotton dyeing, weaving and sewing.

After completing the training women get a free sewing machine, weaving tools, a sack of cotton and a microcredit to start a more independent life; socially and economically.

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