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Sahayatra Health Awereness Programme

Sahayatra - together on a journey

In this programme we organise workshops about several different taboo topics, such as sexual abuse, the trafficking of girls, mental health and menstrual hygiene. In addition, we distribute resusable sanitary napkins and/or teach them how to sew them by their own.

Since the founding in 2018, the programme has worked together with more than 800 girls in different villages around Pokhara.


The exchange between the generations, between mothers and daughters, is very important. Since the abuse often happens within their community, many of them have experienced similar traumas and can support each other in the healing process. In addition, the discourse encourages a cooperation in order to prevent further abuse.


The menstrual kit contains 12 reusable pads, a bar of soap and a wash cloth. It is distributed in the villages around Pokhara to approximatly 800 girls a year (4 times a year to 150 to 200 girls at the time).

Each bag costs the programme 1100 Rs. (approximately 10 USD)


Be your own voice! Because opening up about abuse is the first step for a sustainable and lasting prevention.

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